The netherlands releaset brand new single ‘Whatever it takes’

ac80ed7f06298b21c0e433eb68debcce - The netherlands releaset brand new single 'Whatever it takes'

The netherlands is today, his very catchy new single ‘Whatever It Takes’ has been disabled. This is the first single to be taken from a new album he is currently working on. The song was produced by Nicolas Rebscher, known for her and Merton’s album ‘No Roots’. The lockdowns as a result of the corona virus, it was the song on various locations in Berlin, Antwerp, belgium, and Los Angeles, california.

Lyrically, it is ‘Whatever It Takes’ is a love song, but in the present context, it returns the number of the us, and the hope and positivity that we have right now is so desperately needed. We will work with you through it, ‘whatever it takes’!