Ilse Nackaerts, and John William, go on tv, make

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Heartmade the Media, it is a fact of life. The name of the new company will speak for itself, and even in the logo, there is a very promising centre. Ilse Nackaerts, and William Vaesen (John William) think it all the way to their new place, and it is the underlying motto is: “We are making a positive tv and test every decision you make is the name of the company. If it doesn’t feel good, we don’t do that.”

Ilse Nackaerts, is no stranger to the television world. At a very young age, she started as a nieuwsanker for the TV in Brussels and started as an editor on the legendary talk-show of Goedele Liekens. Since then, she has worked for (amongst others, as editor-in-chief and executive producer to many of the succesprogramma on all of the vrt (Flemish television broadcasters: ‘Temptation Island’, ‘Love of Music’, ‘Huizenjagers’, ‘2 Star’ Restaurant’, ‘The Buurtpolitie’… She has also written a number of books that they have fun and the sex life of the population, what could be more exciting, trying to make it. Of its bestselling book ‘the Exciting sex of the Dog, to Whip’ has sold more than 100,000 copies sold).

William Vaesen is also a dyed in the wool dyed-in-the-media-and show business. At a very young age, he was, as John William on to the stage, and later he took as a presenter, behind-the-micro-on the Radio Donna and Radio 2, and later ‘discovered,’ he has K 3, and he was the manager and booking agent of many Belgian artists are (among other things, Els De Schepper, Milk Inc., The Ketnetband and Eurosong for Kids). In 2011, William is together With a tv program‘House of David’) in front of the South-African television, and then William decided to get in to Cape town to live with their parents. In 2018, he and his family returned to Belgium with his wife and a number of the shops are open.