Stefaan Degand: “I will make you go broke’

Stefaan Degand: "I will make you go broke'

As of tonight, you at home watching the four-part series of ‘unsound mind’. Therein, to ten internet of people, the challenge is to work with a renowned artist, is a work of art. All of them have mental health problems, and they are just as varied as the crimes that they have committed, and for which they have been admitted. Some of them are in a mental health center in person, the others have been behind bars already. But without a specific date of release in the future. Without going through a therapietraject, there is no release possible. No understanding, no second chance.

Throughout the series, seeking ten artists for their partner to be careful to find out. Gradually, to give the inmates a glimpse into their lives, their minds, their souls. And, little by little, you will start as a spectator, a better understanding of what that really means is, “of unsound mind” to be.

Stefaan Degand has been one of the top ten well-known artists in the program are working on. During the first episode, Stefaan Degand have been simply paralyzed, and when Dennis tells him about the crimes he has committed. Dennis is a pedophile, just that sort of person that Stephen is absolutely nothing to worry about it.