In an emotional final episode of Blind Bought it

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In the final episode of the Blind Purchased it, had the two couples, finally had their finished house to look. The expectations are very high. Cara referred to stumbled, especially in the foreign division of their property, and hope to be like no other, the magic of the Bart. For There he is, it was very exciting, because they have Bart, and Béa in fact, never met any of them. Their in-depth ‘dream guide’ was found to be sufficient to get you to do what jerome and a Very few years, they could not: for the node changes. But that’s a big doubt There): “I begin to doubt whether or not it is good to have done so in order to make as much money on Bart, and Béa is to give up. I’m going to be very hard to swear, if the house is not what we hoped for.” At the unveiling, it will take a long time before the first tears flow. The hoped-for shower, seems to be nowhere in sight …

Dina is also a virtual visit to the other candidates, to sound out the situation with them.

Blind Bought this Wednesday at 20.35 on a LOT.