Elly & Rikkert to stop it

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This Friday, stop by Elly & Rikkert it. The legendary duo of Elly Nieman and Rikkert Zuiderveld show on Friday in their last action, this time in front of an empty room. Performances and concerts in the Netherlands and, as a result of the coronacrisis is forbidden, and so is the big goodbye to Elly & Rikkert, in the water. Or are they awake, it will have to lie down? Perhaps not really, for more than 50 years, the duo’s songs made it, but God was never far away.
In the us, we will come to the songs ‘stay’ and ‘The kauwgomballenboom’ to remember. But let’s not forget that he has made, No one in 1968, and the female voice on the ‘Prikkebeen’ by Boudewijn de Groot was. One of the songs that they almost thanked him because they were in love, had to Rikkert. However, she said, because ‘Prikkebeen’ is such a beautiful song it was.