Chokri Mahassine: costs, Among which was the right decision

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A while ago, it was decided that all of the major events in our country this summer and don’t have to continue, and so, too, Among which is not. Chokri Mahassine that was a decision made a few weeks ago, too soon to be aware of the fact, today is the day that the decision was the right one.
During a live stream on YouTube, and told the organizer that the festival in the coming years, there may be something else, it will look like this, but the man has a big elasticity and the general public will soon be back to the “normal” life in a recording. That is what is going to change, that is, as a matter of fact. “I am, however, confident that the events will, in general, a lot more to take into account will be to keep up with the business, which is not to say.”

Of course, everyone is a victim of the coronacrisis, but the international events management company, it is very, very, very hard to hit, because there will be no alternative times for a summer festival to be organized. That will soon happen in the next year. “We can’t catch up, while in the other sectors, which, however, can be. For us, it is the whole year will be lost. We will be deep into our reserves and have to dive to get their heads above water and to keep it.”