“This is, that THE ‘ridiculous’ decisions

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“This is, that THE ‘ridiculous’ decisions

10 may-2020 23:52
10-05-20 23:52
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Louis van Gaal will understand, not the BOARD, because of the coronacrisis has decided to play the cup final to be deleted, and no clubs to promote and demote. According to a former top trainer, were the other choices made more sense, been.

“Sport can people play this game too. I think it’s ridiculous that the Dutch fa (KNVB) has decided to make the cup final, not-to-play. And that’s just one game,” said Van Gaal on Sunday in show 1.

“There’s plenty of time for it, and then you’ve got a sporty winner is not the designated winner. The degradatieregeling is ridiculous, especially when you’re in the stemmenverhouding to see.”