Preparing to recording a new episodes of Home started

Preparing to recording a new episodes of Home started

The coronamaatregelen the pictures of the Most popular of the daily fiction series in the Home within a couple of weeks still. Last Friday the cast and crew of in the Home, in the studio in Leuven for the first time in almost two months after the scenes recorded in order to examine whether or not the images are in a safe condition and could re-start. This weekend was the time to get in the way of working and the results of the shots should be thoroughly analyzed.

Olivier, Goris, network manager of the One, is hopeful: “The team is in safe condition to work and have a Home in that place, it deserves One. And, perhaps, now be no longer need at Home, just being there. The team is preparing for the shooting to resume. The final decision will be in two weeks, the Directiecollege taken.

The final decision on the start-up will be in two weeks to be made. In the meantime, the authors of the Home to go to work to get the scene to fit in. When a final decision has been made, the team immediately set to work preparing and shooting.

A home-producer, Hans-Rays: “as of today, our writers are once again trying to pre-written story lines to match. Just as it is in the proefopnames of the last Friday of the scenarios to be adjusted to the 1.5-metres-is the reality, not the story to be touching. In addition to this, we will link to it from the reality of the need to adapt. The story runs from what used to be called in may and June, will now take the fall.”