Kustburgemeesters ban summer events

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The kustburgemeesters on one line): this summer you will have all the events both big and small, are banned in the north sea. The Q Beachhouse, the Radio 2 summer Hit, Party in the sea, Radio 2 Hit, and the fireworks festival, the flower Parade in Blankenberge, belgium, from anywhere, a cross-over.

In the next few days it will become clear what the exact impact of the decision, it is possible to attack all of the indoor events are gone. That would mean that this year there will be no review of it is on The White Horse, and that there is no check-out, concierge Jacky Lafon, and so much more.

No kustburgemeester will be a resumption of the Covid 19 have to know about it. It is now a question of what is going on in the rest of the country is going to be done. Wouldn’t it be odd if all of the events on the coast is forbidden, and events, follow instructions above, Ieper (ypres), Ypres, Brussels, Zichem, Herentals, belgium, … however, it would be able to. It is, without a doubt, be prosecuted.