Barbara Dex: ‘I’m so happy

Barbara Dex: 'I'm so happy

For the Barbara Dex, these are exciting times. In the past few weeks, her shop in the Ldcs to close as a result of the coronacrisis, but there is also a boutique where Barbara Dex clothing does not sell, is now open. The singer and I can’t wait to get the doors to re-open it, that told me it sat morning in the Start-up day’ on Radio 2 Antwerpen, belgium. “I really don’t know what I should expect. I’ve got a little bit of stress is a healthy tension. It remains to be seen, people will start to back out, but on the other hand, I think that a lot of people very, very happy that she is out of the way. I just hope that people are curious as to what is out there, in my store, it depends, but if it’s a real race going to be like, that’s what I think now. I guess that now you all need to grow up. It’s been a big adjustment for everyone.”

Barbara Dex was in the last few weeks, filled with excitement of the news to follow about the history and purpose of the action. It is understood that the shops are back open, came not a moment too soon. “I’m so happy, I was little more than a half of the year, and we had the door been shut, how bad is that. I’m really, really glad that I’m back, open the can, there is again a little bit of structure in my life. The door is open for the customers, everyone is welcome,” beams Barbara.