^ A recovering from COVID-19: “Physically, I’ve never felt worse’

ba315c97bb47934d510cc1c813aefdcd - ^ A recovering from COVID-19: "Physically, I've never felt worse'

^ A recovering from COVID-19: “Physically, I’ve never felt worse’

11 may-2020 13:25
11-05-20 at 13:25
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Old following his departure to chelsea, Jari Litmanen will have four weeks in the home at the time, because he was infected with the corona virus. The 49-year-old Fin, is already not more sick, but it should still be able to continue to recover.

“I have had it for four weeks, suffering from a fever, headache, shortness of breath, and everything”, it says There on Monday, and a podcast of Finnish Unibet. “Fortunately, it wasn’t so serious that I have to go to the hospital is needed.”

The former midfielder, who is with his family in Estonia, and lives, refers to the period of time that he was sick, it was “not easy” and “very difficult”. “Physically, I’ve probably never had such a bad night.”