They are the heroes Here: the Corona breaks the record of the X-Men

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On Monday, the 11th of may is blowing a wind of hope in the last episode of Heroes, Here: same name. In the past few weeks almost 700,000 viewers in the lives of the workers at the coronacrisis of the market, good for 30.8% of the market share (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed). In the slotaflevering may be that social workers can finally breathe: COVID-sections can be reduced, and the time is carefully undertaken. All of the main characters look back on the most intense weeks of their lives, and to get an unforgettable gift. As of Monday the 18th of may, shall transmit to the VTM, the first season of Heroes on Here: up In The Air again, as airline pilots, emergency doctors and nurses them with any MOSQUITO helicopter to australia.

As Ferdy, a month in an artificial coma, the more and more progress with the physiotherapist, it will be in the Jessa Hospital, COVID departments will be closed. Now, the department of heart disease, and her old point. Care, and maintenance personnel work together for the entire service to be disinfected. Intensiviste Dr. Like The Others, looking ahead. As of now, the hospital doubled: COVID, and non-COVID. They are hoping that there will be no new peak, but they have to be ready for it. At any time, the number of beds and once again turn.

On the public transport system is the use of surgical masks are now mandatory. While the VTM NEWS reporter, Birgit Herteleer figure out if the people are to follow the rules, do the police checks. Most people have a mask on, but don’t know where they are now, just have to set it up.