Jack Go back to the care center

f313333480cf1ca8f7ea7ccd25bc45f7 - Jack Go back to the care center

In the days of the coronacrisis, it should be noted how important it is to take good care to have it. That’s why Jack, once again, the concern is in the paint, this is a special episode of the Jack that Is rather a lot of joy and respect for the care provided.

Jack draws in a week with the Gielsbos, a care home for people with a disability, in the heart of the Kempen, where he was for a week in may, participate as an educator, and to take care of some of the extraordinary inhabitants.

For the Final bit to get used to it, but the residents of the care centre and The GielsBos received Jack and his crew scrambling in with open arms.

You can Jack Kazaltzis are enthusiastic and open-minded self-maintained.

Final is on Monday at 20.35 on a FOUR (repeat)