Ida de Nijs, brings a lot of

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Ida de Nijs, and was the first female singer who is back with the ACES studio, was the music on the record. Frank Van Bogaert, her producer, had arranged a sufficient distance away, and disinfectants in a clean studio.

The composers and lyricists of the Ida, de Nijs, Maarten Peters, one of her favorites. Not surprising when you consider that he wrote for Frank Sinatra, ” A-List, Willeke Alberti, and, in collaboration with the Belinda Meuldijk, for Rob de Nijs, and many others.
Maarten likes of the Ida and the net regularly in her voice and in her interpretation and emotion of the song and sent to her unexpectedly, the band of HOPE,” after his appearance on radio and TELEVISION in the Netherlands in the World Kankerdag. Maarten wrote and sang a song for the people who are in a life-threatening illness, but also for their loved ones.