Thomas, Julian, who turns up in a German studio

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At the beginning of this year, lead singer and accordion player Thomas, Julian, who is at the songwriting camp. This went on, Thomas is not just a recording studio. He ended up near Stuttgart, Germany. The news has leaked now, just. Recently, it appeared to be a live-streamed performance, Thomas is suddenly fluent in German, spoke of it, but it seems there’s a lot more to it than that…

In the first week of January, up popped Thomas, about 750 miles away from his thuisoord Zwevegem in the recording studio, where he teamed up with Daniel Sommer and Ludwig Ebert was working on new music. These are very famous names in the German music scene. “It was great to work with such talented young people into the studio to sit in . This is his incredible musical talent, who, for years now, music is the greatest of the German Schlagerstars. It is a great honour with them to write the music”, reveals Thomas.