Karen Damen: oh, no, I’m not pregnant?

Karen Damen: oh, no, I'm not pregnant?

On Friday, in the evening, showed Karen Being using Instagram, know that they have to have 18 hours of something to come. A lot of the followers thought of Karen Being pregnant, and they have news to announce, however, that the story of the singer and the actress quickly.

Karen Damen has over the past few days been very busy. Her husband, Antony, was, last week, the idea is to Karentaine to the launch of an online program, in which Karen every week for the guests in the garden, you receive them for a period of about an hour, talking about the things of this life. Karen saw it and that idea is the best idea, and turned on the light to turn green. At an alarming rate and there was a tent in the back yard of Karen and Being turned, there was light and sound that had been ordered, and should also be viewed live on the internet. Every Friday night at 21 hrs. and gave Karen Being the kick off episode 1 of “Karentaine’, the first of the guests, were the Kato, and Tom Dice, or The Starlings.