Continues to Sting for the rest of the year it is empty?

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After last week, it became clear that what’s happening in all of the languages, it was quiet at the press conference after the national Security council, there was some press speculation about the future of the event. That is not good to know an expert in the field. Who is a specialist, it is closely connected with the events. “There is the possibility that this year there will be no event at a great venue, the Sportpaleis in antwerp will go on”, you hear the sound of it. And that saying fits in with what is happening in the Netherlands at the event. The british secretary of state for Health, left to the house to know that in a year or even longer, it may take a while before there is again large-scale events can take place. That it would be helpful if there was a vaccine available.

Or the national Security council’s statement here, to follow is not clear. In the fall, there are a lot of events at the Stadium, including the now delayed #LikeMe) is released, the Player Destadsbader, Night of The Proms, and much, much more. However, other large rooms such as a National forest would, in this case, the doors are much longer near you.