Willy Sommers: “the fear is here”

Willy Sommers: "the fear is here"

Willy Sommers revealed in the Story, the scares are seriously still hung up on him. The 67-year-old singer belongs to, as a heart patient at risk of, and for Willy, that’s what the corona virus to him, and a constant voltage, provides that: “If I have a tickle in my throat I have, and I think It will be the beginning of the solar corona?’ And every morning, I check my forehead in a fever.” Yes, it is the fear of Willy Sommers in a serious manner.

Fortunately, his wife, Cindy, to him, to reassure. “I don’t live with the constant fear that something is happening,” said Cindy. “And is he still bothered by anything, then we’re going to just have to immediately go to the doctor,” sounds like it’s decided to Continue. Willy is in good hands.