Take a look behind-the-scenes tour of the proefopnames Home

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One has to be good news for all the Home fans that the team is investigating how the recordings are once again able to boot into a safe condition. A select group of actors and staff from the Home in Manhattan and a Studio in Leuven, today, a trial held, who played as a test, some of the scenes in which they had been captured. In the story, the content is the same, but the script has been modified so that the playing field is up to 1.5 meters of each other to be able to play it, even though it stands out to the viewers, of course. Also, there are other safety precautions to be taken in the set-up.

The production of want to figure out if they are within this new setting, the Home is still very much like the viewers are. We are the manufacture of Home, this weekend is the time for the operation to be analyzed. The following week, the findings of this trial are also shared with the Flemish industry.

That is an additional cost, it is in these strange times, it seems, out of the thousands of comments on the social media channels of the Most most popular fiction series. With the outbreak of the coronacrisis had to get to the recording areas, which makes it the 25th of the season at Home, unexpectedly, in the past came to an end. Along with all of the viewers at Home, the team that gradually the light at the end of the tunnel. Be the first to proefopnames in a safe coronakader in the back.

A home-producer, Hans-Rays: “of Course we want pictures as soon as possible resume so that Flanders will once again enjoy the daily tv schedule on a Single. However, the safety and security of our employees remains our top priority, and that’s why we opted for a day on the ground. We have the scenario for a broadcast delivery, has been rewritten, so the social distancing can be respected. We have to have them re-recorded by the actors in the scene, like in the original episode. Thus, in practice we can see what the obstacles are that we encounter when we have all of the safety rules to comply with in the film, but also to all the people of the light, the sound of our make-up artists and everyone else who has been involved in the recording process. We want to use these test shots to find out if we are still in our same Home and the story is able to bring out in spite of the new setting in which the actors within 1.5 m of each other and continue to be.”

The actors in this trial, as a gift, because they, too, are eager to start as soon as possible, to get you started:
Ann Pira (Nancy): “The loss is huge! From one day to the next, we could not see it, while the other, such an intense contact with each other on the set. I am very pleased to welcome the team Home, and with the VRT is so much effort in trying to make this trial happen. I think I speak for all the players when I say that we are massively hoping that we can as quickly as possible, the new episodes will be able to make it, which, of course, for the safety and security of the us and the whole team is key.”