John Smith: “this is a shock’

John Smith: "this is a shock'

The Dutch singer Jan Smit has been a while, not on the stage, and has now nothing to do with the corona virus to create one. Jan was decided in the autumn of last year and have been performing it for quite a while to be able to cancel it. The lead singer had to have more time for themselves. The word ‘burn-out’ rose, the singer would prefer not to be in the mouth, but the singer and the time needed to charge the batteries, and that is a fact of life. Normally, that would Mar the following week, the Eurovision song Contest, will present, but also which party does not. The reason for this? Corona, of course.

And yet, it seems that john Smith is not the right weather to appear. In the Netherlands these are all “normal” events, certainly up to and including the 31st of August is prohibited. In addition, the Dutch minister, Hugo Young, to let them know that there may be other big events as possible, as soon as there is a vaccine against the corona as possible. “Only for a year or more, it is a real” it sounds. This would mean that the major concert halls in the Netherlands and the rest of the year it is empty, would remain in place and that is a bummer! “Public health is our first priority, but it is a killer for our industry,” said john Smith, on Instagram.