Eric Goens makes the summer season for the VTM’s

806666182cfc77b03b1c5c7688a1ba5d - Eric Goens makes the summer season for the VTM's

In the summer of 2020, it announces itself as one you will never forget. A holiday in your own country, no major events, and regular social contact at a distance… Due to the corona virus will be in the summer months, that will directly go in the history books. That extraordinary event has inspired a tv maker, Eric Goens is for a brand new full day program this summer on VTM you will have. In The Summer Of that following Eric Goens of well-known faces while in the unique summer of 2020, and the aims he has for the way in which this is experienced. It is in the place of a Good, Leave of absence, that this is due to the coronacrisis.

Eric Goens will follow in The Summer Of’ well-known Flemish people from a variety of fields: from television and the music industry, to politicians and sports figures. Jens Dendoncker will be the first well-known face in The Summer, will be on view. “In the summer of 2020, it promises to be, at the very least, one special summer,” says Eric Goens. “All the life that now is and for everyone else, as well as a quiet position, return to start. That we are going to register. A lot of well-known people from various fields will provide an insight into how this summer is going to do. In addition, it is intended to use The Summer to get the ball to the running and up-to-date. We are going to be good, and a warm “good gevoeltelevisie” at this particular time.”