New Levels the rest of the year to be unemployed

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The current coronacrisis, it is a disaster for everyone else. Even if you have to get the job done, you will feel the effects of the coronacrisis. New Levels and feels that it is twice as hard. The actress is one of the possible shooting after a completely empty schedule for the rest of the year. A few months ago, the actress is also a negative, because they have a surprisingly small amount of work. In George Late last Night told the New Wednesday night, that they might still be interested, but the chances that the shots go on, seems to be rather small.

Not only do New is out of work, and its partner, Guga Baul is currently not working. There is no tv work, no shows, no appearances, nothing. Fortunately there is a New in the hinderpremie charge, and the daily maid service, starting from next week, back to work. New, it was as if it were euphoric when they learned that.