In the winter will be on may 1, 2021, the Stadium fill up

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In the life to come, albeit slowly, back on track. But in the winter, which has definitely not been standing still. While in the series, the vtm-broadcast ‘For the Love of Music “on tv, been published, and are the numbers at the top of the charts there (monsterhit” Come a little Closer ” is currently # 1 in the Ultratop, was working for the topproducer hard on his own solo album. ‘Remember The Time’ will appear on the 15th of may. Not only that, but in the winter, today announces his arrival to the Arena in. The first ‘in-house’-live concert at the Sportpaleis in antwerp, and is a guaranteed celebration, full of music, and their guests. Tickets are Sportpaleisconcert on may 1, 2021, costs 22,40 up to 50,40 euros and are on sale from the 14th of may, at 10: 00 a.m. via the, or

In the winter, knows the Arena like the back of his hand both as a guest and during, among others-Night of the Proms), but also by Milk Inc. he left the Antwerp concert hall on several occasions of flooding. Now, he returns with his own live concert and he is one of the region(e)of the buttons. He will have not only on the stage. Just like in the studio and on the album passing through in the sports Arena, several artists, here.

In the winter: “Just like everyone else in the industry, I desire to the point that we are once again in concert hassle-free the ball can go. It’s not in my nature to be passive, to wait, to get to that point. Over the last few weeks have been very busy with a Love of Music, and the fit and finish of my new album “Remember The Time”, in which I have great pride in myself. But I look forward to that magical verbindingsmomenten that you will only be at the concerts to experience. I look forward with hope and confidence for the future and going to make my best effort to along with an array of musical friends, to be my best show ever, and on schedule.”