Her ” yes “me:” I have evolved from kech-rel

15868812343a4731819afb2da8539026 - Her " yes "me:" I have evolved from kech-rel

Her ” yes “me:” I have evolved from kech-rel

07 may-2020 06:37
07-05-20 06:37
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Crook said on Thursday in a meeting with the AD is that he has changed a lot since he was on new year’s day 2018, with two of the women who gave him a lift in a film kechs ” was a term for a dissolute young girls. Also, he will find himself, since it is the negative responses that he has received the designation, which could also be translated as ‘religion’, as an example for the younger generation.

“I’ve developed. I am now an example to the youth,” said Crook, who was rapcarrière under one and one-half years of age sitting in front of a hold-up. “The way I act, my actions and my music. I’m not a saint, I am a Thief, and you will have the view of the street and keep them, but never glorify violence.”

“Parents will have their children to make their displeasure known to have been made, but I would say to teens,” you can’t go to her ” yes “to listen”, and what do they do? And you can’t get Spotify to switch it off.”