Tonight, in the Blind and Bought FOUR

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On Wednesday, the second-to-last episode of the Blind Purchased it, Michael and Sandra, and literally all of their money is used on the interior design of Bart. After the disappointment with the style of their home and into the opdoffer of the asbestplaten on the roof, he needs a miracle to carry out with wooden slats, designed fermettewoning turn it into a sleek, modern style villa. How the ‘cottage’, the cottage still?

Michael & Sandra: “We have a Gabriel, and Isaura excited about their new rooms, so it would be a pain to do, my heart is not ready. 500,000 dollars is a huge amount for the price you’re hoping, though, that it is all right.”
For Cara, and Wouter, these are exciting times. Last week, they were up by Béa, with their noses in the facts. Authentic, full of character, and a habitable house, with a driveway, a garage and a south-facing garden, in a google translation is available and that the price of 350,000 euro, it is simply an impossible task. This was hard for Cara. They should now be forced to watch their region and want to expand …