Carmen, Our for 9 weeks in quarantine

31fb31a2befb455706d6d399810359c3 - Carmen, Our for 9 weeks in quarantine

Carmen, Our is already 9 weeks in quarantine. The 64-year-old mater familias, the Pfaffs, as longpatiënte to the at-risk group is included in a complete isolation. Jean-Marie is the only person that I see, I see,” and reveals to Carmen at All.

“To hear the laughter and playing of children in the house should not miss, that’s nibbling at it, senne,” states Carmen to. “But they have to pass ever with the bike, and swing over to the front door.”

Daughter Kelly Pfaff is concerned about her mother: “I’m really in it with our mom, because she and her family can’t see it, and now, more than ever, isolation is. It is longpatiënte, and it’s for her own sanity, but still…”

Carmen admits that she is very, very, very carefully, and the inside will remain. “I want to be the danger to look up. I’m here for more than eight weeks in quarantine,” said Carmen, Our soon to coronacrisis is still in the hospital, but ended up with a borstbeenontsteking and longpatiënt goes through life ever since she was a few years ago, a double pneumonia is increased.