The amount of time to literally stand still in the twins episode, it looks Promising For Later

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“I’m going to double, because I’m not on the road, but by the parents of six children. That is to say, three times, a pair of twins”, lead Staff of Av is tomorrow, Wednesday, may 6, at 20.35, the last episode, it looks Promising For Later on in the VTM. The program attracted over the last few weeks an average of 605,000 and the viewers to the screen with the live+delayed). The staff will deliver it tomorrow, twins Mila & Maroo (5 years old), Alana & Robin (6) and (Ymen & Arwen (6 years) the best day of their life, because it allows them to have the time to be able to stop it, and then test which of the two is most curious.

The staff takes the twins to the sports shop. During their visit, there are sportdemonstraties working on it, like a game of pingpong, basketball, and rock. But what they don’t know is that a sports shop was. “If there is something bad likely to happen to you, you can from the room and the time to stop by the magic red button. You can use it all out slowly, it moves nothing,” says Rod. When the Staff of the red button on the testing, the children can hardly believe their eyes.

The staff in the sports shop is still in a job has in store for the twins, if they are within the time limit of the timer is as a tower of eight storeys, can build up with the drinking, then they get a reward. They will be able to click the red button has to be pressed so that they have more time, even if it is not. Those who test bouwskills the time? And who’s going to be cheating by taking the time to give it up?

The staff is trying, in his own Post-Lab is to find out which of the two of the biggest curieuzeneus it is. He has a strange box in the other hands, with a button. “It was almost like a cat with milk, which I did with the kids at the red button,” laughs Rod. Mila & Maroo, Alana & Robin, and the Ymen & Arwen, the button is not pressed, because, if they do, something special happens. When the Staff leaves the room [ … ] the red button to get all of the focus on the and providing the necessary tension in the room. May be she self-control? Or is the lure too great?