Swedish topreeks at home: Heder

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Heder (Swedish for ‘the honour’) is an exception to the rule, in the range of ‘Nordic crime’ series. Not just because of all of the roles to be played by the Swedish topactrices, but also because the series itself have been invented and are being produced. And also, because of its very specific focus.

Heder is the name of a law firm that specializes in the defense of women who are being sexually exploited or abused. At the head of the agency, four women advocates who have also been life-long friends: Elin (Julia Dufvenius), Janni (Anja Lundqvist), Nour (Alexandra Rapaport) and Claire (Eva Röse). In the first episode, they have to take the case to the heart of a teenage girl who was raped, it was. If the accused is found not guilty would the advocates of additional evidence gathering in order to appeal to you. The case becomes more complicated when it turns out that the girl is not good, it is. We find, moreover, that, of the four fellow lawyers is also a shared secret in any way that will give them a lot of the problems that can bring. A person looks to know about it and try to get them to kiss and with all sorts of mysterious and threatening messages.

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Sex & the City”, as it was with Sofia Helin (The Bridge) Heder, of a series she co-created with Alexandra Rapaport, from the Canvas to see The Hunt (Jagten), and Anja Lundqvist, who we are with your all at work, at Rest. The celebrated actor-producer, Julia Dufvenius (Molanders), it is less well known. On a with Sofia Helin play all have a major role in the Heder.