Jeron Dewulf brings to stand-up for businesses via video-conferencing

61e62cb6ee9bba9da717780a6ed09fdb - Jeron Dewulf brings to stand-up for businesses via video-conferencing organized just before the weekend, its first ever, online, live stand-up comedy show in front of a live audience. No one other than Jeron Dewulf beet in the leading position in the zoom room, and we gave out over a half an hour of the best of themselves in the online company and have some iCredit*. The start was a bit nervous, but after a couple of minutes to cut the more than 50 participants in the children. Using this simple and accessible concept of reaction the “digital is the new normal”trend (cf. P. P. P. Hinssen).

If the coronacrisis to us today as self-evident, it is known that social contact is of paramount importance to carry. We will all miss it, and to compensate for that, we look for every day, large numbers of alternatives. Skype, Hem, Teams, Bluejeans, enz….de online chats with your friends and family that are present all over the place. It’s the same with a lot of companies have online meetings with your colleagues in day-to-day costs become. That was, and iCredit the idea of putting it on this new trend, due to the launch of a live comedy via video-conferencing.

In the initial phase, there is a strong leadership at the companies to. Corporate events, parties, excursions, -drink, etc., are currently being cancelled or postponed, but the desire of the companies to for in original ways for their staff members in contact with each other, and also to thank you and reward for all their hard work during this corona a crisis, it is more important than ever. The first try out show of the proved to be a successful answer to this need.

To the public, all colleagues, was happy to have each other and can be viewed online in a more laid-back, laid-back atmosphere, and they have benefited significantly from Jeron Dewulfs to occur. Their employer, in advance, for a drink and a bite to eat, sent had, it was such a nice surprise and made it to the online meeting is complete. For Jeron, it was a very deep and special experience, which feels good. It goes without saying that this is a concept-a perspective to offer that (on stage)to let it go when the appointment is to overcome.