Jelle Cleymans yet still not a knight

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The actor, singer and presenter, Jelle Cleymans, it would be normal at this time, the knight may be called, but unfortunately for him, it’s going to be that the party is not due. During the 20th edition of the Aspergefestival Again-Sint-Amands, would, Jelle Cleymans as the title of the aspergeridder to get it. The coronacrisis the Aspergefestival of this year, will be cancelled and postponed for a year. And with that, the award of the title of aspergeridder been postponed for a year. Jelle Cleymans it will, therefore, until the spring of 2021 wait before moving to the ‘noble’ title, you will be allowed to wear it. His sister, Clara Cleymans in 2014 and been knighted at the same feast.