Call Sam Gooris with the support of Dirk Draulans

be69a571aaea21a8fc27d11683de2b0c - Call Sam Gooris with the support of Dirk Draulans

Dirk Draulans, the ambassador of the ByeByeGrass campaign is calling on everyone to be a part of your lawn to make it grow. He shows already a good example, and it does have a garden again, some crazy. Dirk Draulans to warn us of the extreme reduction of the insectenpopulaties, and the increasing drought. Part of the answer lies in the garden.

In this corona, the quarantine times for people are more than ever preoccupied with their own garden. “It could also lead to a lot of activity,” warns Dirk Draulans, a biologist and editor at the Knack. “A garden should have a little work to get there, of course, to be seen. A wilder garden, after all, resistance to periods of extreme drought.”

This is one of the most arid regions of Europe, and in the month of april was the driest april in a hundred years ‘ time. “It’s important for us to take to arms because of this drought will be at a frequency to increase as a result of climate change. Part of the answer lies in our garden.

Not only the worsening drought, it is a problem for all of us, the loss of biodiversity, life as we know it today is in jeopardy. “While the average tuineigenaar have a garden like that to me as a waste would be considered, I’m proud of. We need to stop with the clean-shaven lawns, because of this, you will lose a huge amount of options for biodiversity. As Dirk points out, the fact is that almost one-tenth of that in our area of the gardens of existence, what it is that someone in the court will, therefore, have a major impact on their work.