Beat Park festivalgevoel in the car, and the living room

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Beat Park to the solution for the festival-free outlook for the summer of 2020. The unique “drive-in”, festivalervaring ensure that the Belgian music fans with their favorite artists, however, live on in the work, all in accordance with the provisions of the ‘social-distancing’ from their car.

“You can stay in Beat, and the Park is like a drive-in outdoor movie theater, but instead of a movie, and enjoy the visitors to a concert or a festivalervaring. You can park your wagon in front of a huge screen on which a virtual 3D placement is shown, and via a mobile phone, you can go through the Beat, and the Park WI-fi network, all of livestreamen on your car’s stereo system. The artists and dj’s live on stage in front of the screen is the best out of themselves. And, just like with a real ‘main stage’, there will be in addition to the use of a light and laser show will also have a dose of entertainment and the typical festival-it’s a show to be added to it. Because of this, countless variants are possible, and we can have a variety of unique shows that by following the necessary safety precautions,” according to the organization behind the Beat in a Park.

“But we don’t stop there. In addition to the live experience, we bring the concept into the living room, through the, through the market, to offer, to those who still don’t want to have their side come out. In this way, everyone can enjoy and we can even go across the border, and the general public to watch.”

The team behind the Beat, and the Park is not the first time. It is composed of a group of eventprofessionals for many years and a large indoor events and festivals to organize, including the Sunrise Festival in the recreation area ‘De Lilse Bergen’.

“In the absence of the festival summer by the coronapandemie, it is a blow to the whole eventsector. Suddenly, we had our normal busy schedules and empty, and which was, and still is, a very sad feeling. “There’s nothing to do” is not a part of our very being, and to have a summer without the experience it is for us, just as you would for any music lover and festival goer, or simply impossible. With the Beat of the Park, we want that void to fill, and in exceptional circumstances, and only once, to find the answer for next year, we want to all be close to each other, and without the worry and stand to dance and sing at the festivals!”