Willy Sommers puts a cigarillo in 1964

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A vintage outfit, and unique gadgets to old-fashioned music. Last week was followed 571.000 viewers (23.2% of the market share, the live+delayed), how Saartje Vandendriessche’s vrouwenclubje’ return in the course of time. This week it’s the turn of singer and tv host, Willy Sommers. Together with his wife, Cindy, a son Luka and a daughter, Luna let them go back to the year 1964. In that year, the capture The spirit of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the world, with all their hits, as well as their hair styles, women, for the first time, there are buses and trams control, a driver’s license just to get into the hall as soon as you’re 21 and it’s by Willy Sommers for 12 years.

Willy’s father was a car dealer so that he, as a child, growing up in between the cars. In a vintage Mercedes-190 – the lievelingsmerk of his father, with the sun roof and tail fins, drive the family back in time. Daughter of Luna and finds that the elasticity of the back seats, however, which leaves something to be desired: “it’s just a trampoline!” In the car, sitting in the atmosphere right away, and her family, along with some of the biggest hits in 1964: ‘Turn 797204 of Will Tura, ‘My Boy Lollipop’ by Millie Small and “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.

When we arrived at the ‘house of kruiskes found in the family’s home interior, household equipment, from the 1964 game, especially Luka and the show as a ‘mini-Willy, in his 60’s outfit. The family discovered a box of cigars, and Willy’s decision is right, the nostalgia of life, Especially with Luna and Luka are, therefore, very shocked: “I was battered, I had never seen dad doing that! And, that stinks!”

After a good filter coffee for breakfast on Saturday morning in 1964, a time for… school. Shock number two for the kids. In a traditional public bus service that departs from that year, the children at the same time with Willy at his old school, St Niklaasinstituut in brussels. There they are given a French lesson, by Willy’s old teacher, ‘miss ‘ Raymond’. Willy the French language to master?