Tuesday night is pure horror, in The public prosecutor’s office

260a427493f9497a807234de9938a442 - Tuesday night is pure horror, in The public prosecutor's office

In the court of first instance in Ghent begins in the trial of a Polish man who was an elderly woman who has been raped. She also represents the public prosecutor’s office in one of the most chilling verkrachtingszaken over the past couple of years: “If you have the file for the first time you read it, you might think: it isn’t that this is really happening? That is a real horror!”

In new jersey, is a substitute for Sarah, and is faced with a case of heavy-duty domestic violence. A woman is a man in a beat up, 10 days after her birth. jeugdmagistrate in the Groin, put on in the case of a young woman whose apartment is more of a landfill than a place of residence, and where, unfortunately, even with two young children.

Magistrate Caroline gets a visit from the cleaning lady that the jewels and clothing have been stolen from her employer. Public prosecutor’s office magistrate Like wake up call during her night shift. The police were called to a stabbing in it, and so it should be Like the situation at the scene to investigate.

The public prosecutor’s office, Tuesday, at 20.35, at FOUR years old.