The Duet of Nina Butera and the White Bird-a warm welcome

05c9805bbd5ed8da35b7072140f9f551 - The Duet of Nina Butera and the White Bird-a warm welcome

‘Pre-in’, it is a fact, a duet of Nina Butera and the White Bird. That number has been since Monday. In addition to the fact that it’s a great song, it is a combination of pure-voice-of Nina Butera and the rough grain of the White Bird “- it is the alter ego of one Of the to run from it – for a fascinating contrast in their brand new music video From the pre-to the’.

“Then Race me, “pre-on” had to hear, I was in for a tough period of time, the sensitive and the text right to my heart. I am not a second’s doubt in order to work together with Nina, who I think is a real natural talent is. Our voices blend incredibly well together, and the message of the song is even more beautiful,” says a proud White Bird”.

Nina Butera and her producer, Christopher Severs, and of the son, are now in their sixth Dutch-language single to date. “Each song is scored, each time better than the previous one and at the same time, we were already several times in the Flemish Ultratop 50 in a stand, which is still considered to be a dream, that one feels, marvels, Nina.