Amaryllis Temmerman on the work at BNL

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BNL, the new radio station in Flanders, takes the host, and singer-songwriter, Amaryllis Temmerman in the house. An absolute klassemadam, her soft voice, as of today, between 20h and 22h will hear the “Koestermomenten’. Thus, BNL, which is a unique radio station as a platform for Belgian and Dutch music, a muziekartiest in the studio.

Amaryllis Temmerman is a jack of all trades, with a trunk full of stage experience. Her career started when she was in ’93 and ’94, the world caught up with the “Up with people”. Temmerman is well-known as a passionate singer, tv presenter and an actress, but also as a lesgeefster in the… Los Angeles, california. As a singer-songwriter direction, she seamlessly between the jazz and the rhythms, and the Flemish and pop, she has worked with other beautiful people. Go and talk to John, John Terra, Nol Havens (VOF De Kunst) and its artistic best friends, Astrid Nijgh, Sabien Tiels, and Riet Muylaert. On the screen was Click almost anywhere for a few weeks now, VRT, VTM, VIER, local tv, the Flemish Dutch music channel Placement channels and a minibar.

However, its radiohart has remained for the past 20 years, really hard to beat. Amaryllis set her first steps with the legendary Pierre & vacances, would be to Contact Joe to follow. She has been blessed with a unique voice, and, even more importantly, a great life experience. That is, she wants to now share it, and join in Koestermomenten’. The co-operation in both the transmitter as well as for Click of a bull’s-eye: it can be its wide range of expertise, development, and BNL is playing with the meaning of Amaryllis of. Because of the flower petals that look like velvet, ” which summarizes her presentation style, actually ;-).