A new new year’s resolution of Evi Hanssen

A new new year's resolution of Evi Hanssen

Evi Hanssen reveals in the Story that they are some of the positive things wish to remember out of this crisis. The announcer explains that they are less likely to live in this moment. In the rush of day to day life, it is just less of it. “Get up, get a snack, at school, and go back to pick up, do homework, watch some tv and went to bed.” At this moment in time, everything happens at a leisurely pace, and the mid-tempo, is Evi Hanssen and very comfortable. “And I want to avoid it, and then it will just be in that rat race of the past, to step up,” says the announcer in the Story.

“This is more peaceful, life will feel a lot better,” said Evi. Less stimulation, less to do, less stress, less hurried are…” But it was also Evi Hanssen a little getting used to at first. It was really withdrawal. Sure, the first two weeks, sounds like it’s in the Museums. “But at the moment, it is bliss, regardless of all the suffering, for those who have been affected by the virus.”