The team of ‘Home’ to start with test shots

The team of 'Home' to start with test shots

What goes on in the tv world, and after the corona look like? That’s one of the questions that a lot of people in the industry sit up. But it also has a tv-watching Flanders, and asked, ” can we A and Veronique soon be seen in ‘the Family’. What is the relationship, for example, the “Home”?

In The “Seventh Day,” went on the Sunday television after the coronatijdperk. The Cast and crew of ‘Home’ is in the meantime quite a while now at home and is not likely to change in the near future. “This week, we’re going to shoot some test images do,” said nethoofd Olivier, Goris. “We’re going to have a whole day of recording, an episode that we turned in had to go, we are actually re-create it in accordance with all safety guidelines that are out there. So, there will be work to be in compliance with the 1.5 metre distance. During the last couple of weeks of being at Home was a blow, dealt, should, therefore, solutions have to be sought out. Those scenes have to be slightly rewritten, and then it will be seen that in the game, and the story is.”