The Corona: the line – up with Rudi Vranckx

6e6b159d11e9d8a22f26cf67690f62aa - The Corona: the line - up with Rudi Vranckx

Belgium is at this moment. And the same goes for as well as, throughout the world. But that doesn’t mean that the world should be remembered. Rudi Vranckx’d like to know what the situation is in countries where there is life, even for the coronacrisis though it was hard. Because he was in his dorm room and then have to continue on, he asks the help of contacts in the occupied Gaza strip, Syria, Ghana, and the Congo. They’re going to go on an assignment, and the result is seen in the documentary film the Corona: the line. On Wednesday, the 6th of may at 21.20 h. to install this as well.

The corona virus has all months of coverage. Since the strict measures have to follow any updates, grades, and the analysis of the distribution in Belgium for one another. That is a very important and necessary. However, we must not forget that the world outside of our country to keep on running. And there is also the same name. Rudi is a man of the field, but also in conflictjournalisten should be in the room to continue. Via videocalls and talk to Rudi with the tried and trusted ‘fixers’ and make new contacts. It will take the viewer to places where it is difficult, or where there is a lot to see. The in our guides, or ‘ eyes on the ground. They can bring Actors into contact with other people. Local heroes who have food are going out of beademingstoestellen development. Journalism is in the same location. A technical and formal experimentation. But it’s the stories that are told to be. The voices of the world.