Swoop was the corona virus, to trick

614e17ad47b8225fd6c083597f2dca23 - Swoop was the corona virus, to trick

Recently, the Swoop with the “Laissez-moi danser” is a new single from it. There is also a video of the making growing in this coronatijden at first, the idea is to have each student watch the movie and then use an app to mount it. Nevertheless, it was someone else’s idea, and that it was carried out. We used the photography studio of topfotografe Peace Verstraete. With a strict schedule, and take the necessary precautions-names, Filip D haeze, and the four-Swoop-to girls for yourself in the clip, in co-operation with the Peace Verstraete, we can read about it on the Facebook page of the party band. Jan-Pieter Martens-the man who is also in the Document on the screen, was responsible for the beautiful installation. In this way, it was a Swoop to the corona virus to slim down. They are, indeed, managed to get it together to come into the picture, even though they aren’t all together in the studio.

The original video of the Swoop: “Laissez-moi danser” is on YouTube and can be found via the page of the Flemish-Star rating.