Station and Joe will be with Caroline

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The coronacrisis has the country shaken up. Radio Joe and also a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributes. The heroes, in honor of that, the country is run, change the channel, starting from Monday the 4th of may for a week, every day, by name. Don’t any longer, Joe, but, Constance, Stephen, and Caroline, Colin and Freya. They are an ambassador for their business: a Cashier Limburg Hasselt is the fact that on Monday, the 4th of may, in honor of the agro-food sector, and all who do so contribute to the fireman-Stephen, based in Gent, on Tuesday, the emergency services, a volunteer, Caroline from Vilvoorde on Wednesday, the volunteers, the school principal Charles of Bruges, on Thursday for child care and schools, a nurse, a Freya in Antwerp, belgium, on Friday, the health care sector. Joe-djs Sven Ornelis and, Anke Buckinx will be Joe, from the 4th of may in the morning at 8.00 ‘omdopen’.

Joe, dj Sven Ornelis: “It is impossible for anyone who is in the line of fire during the coronacrisis is too late. Therefore, we honor for Joe, each and every day as a kind of ambassador who acts as a representative for the industry as a whole, in which he or she works for.”