On Monday, they are the Heroes Here, Corona

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Monday evening at 21.45, a new episode of Heroes, Here: Points. As the country begins to count down to the relaxation of the measures on the 4th and 11th of may, the coronas-the epidemic, the health care providers and patients, and a dose of hard reality.

Even though the figures in terms of hospital admissions to stabilize, a number of patients it Has Her Hospital, still very sick. Doctor, Like The Others, anesthesiologist-intensivist, is a visit to a patient who has just come out of his coma and has regained consciousness. The man did not know where he is, and barely have an idea of what’s been going on. There is only a long period of rehabilitation. Of The Dr. For the Others, it is clear that the crisis is not yet over. But the hospital is careful to to to to to the the non-COVID services to start-up. And that causes some anxiety among the staff. They are afraid that it will now be very difficult it will be. The operating room is open, while the COVID departments to continue to operate.

That is, the crisis is not yet over, it is also evident in the burials of The Race. Funeral director, Wendy has a conversation with a woman whose father and mother are dead. Wendy and Jill for the first time since the start of the coronacrisis a double funeral is organized for both parents, and at the same time.