Lothar, out of Blind Married and cheated on

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Lothar Callaerts, saw his relationship with Tati from a Blind, Married, with no purpose, but it still does Lothar have a good feeling about his / her participation, and his wife Tati. That is, in the past, but a little different…

Lothar and reveals in the Story that he was from his sixteenth to his eighteenth year, his first serious relationship was. However, that fact has led to a painful breakup. His then girlfriend was cheating on Lothar with his best friend.

Then it did, Lothar was still in a relationship for about a year with a good friend, but that friendship was not strong enough. Their relationship went on the rocks, making Lothar not only his partner but also a good friend of mine, has lost. “It is a pity, but you’ll learn, then again,” look at Lothar’s keeping it real.