First, in the Farmer seeks Wife series: a Farmer seeks… a Man!

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Sunday night was first launched to the general, from the Farmer seeks Wife – to-Home, Sweet Home: the Couple seeks… a Man! That’s right: for the first time in the history of the Farmer seeks Woman series is going to be a farmer, looking for a nice guy. Viewers will be able to meet the 25-year-old Tristan, in the second oproepaflevering on Sunday, 10 may at 19.50. Tonight’s bite the first time, the 29-year-old Fern, the 23-year-old Steve and 36-year-old David is in the leading position in the Farmer seeks Wife – Home-Sweet-Home.

“Who are they? What are the profession to practice to the young entrepreneurs? How to look at work and life outside of it? What does the ideal partner look like on the outside and on the inside? And more importantly, what they themselves have to offer? Summary:

Fern Liesens, 29 years old from Dilsen-Stokkem
Fern has its own bevallingscentrum for the horses and The Molenhof is called. Here is to bring people out of their pregnant mares for 10 days prior to the expected date of delivery to go. Fern will accompany the whole giving birth and the foal is also the first day on. In addition, they have inseminaties, and it is in the day-to-day care of the horses. In addition to the bevallingscentrum jumps off Fern on the farm of her parents. Mom An takes care of the cows and the calves, dad, Luc, takes up farming for his own account. However, when the pressure is on, rides a Fern with a tractor on the fields. In addition, they will also have at least 11 hours per week in special education. Make a conscious choice of the Fern, it was premature, born at 29 weeks and weighed in at less than 850 grams. Everything was good, but the paardenverzorgster to realize that not everyone is as lucky and wanted to give back to children with special needs.
Fern was a loving, attentive, caring, and knows exactly what she wants. She is very fond of horses, from her 6th to her 28, she took an intensive show-jumping and she loves to get away for the weekend to go to the sauna, to go out and eat or have a drink. She is a strong lady who knows how to approach it, at any time.
Fern has been since the beginning of april 2019 at the latest a single. The one time she had a half of year two. It is the largest struikelpunt to the hustle and bustle of her job, as from april to June, gave birth to most of them, and need to enjoy brussels by day and night both are available. They are looking for a person to understand and can afford. Her ideal partner is someone who knows exactly what he wants to do, self-confident, and sociable, have a smooth talk, has, take initiative, and be just like her to appreciate life. A new partner must be like to be on the company to settle, as quickly from her horse could have been. You can do that in peace and quiet, as Fern has a beautiful new home, built next to the house.