Artists, deep-sea diving for the first time in the 3 different programs

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For the Love of Music is big in Flanders, in the previous episode has now been seen by as many as 1 million of the Flemish people, which is good for a market share of 41.6% (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed). Now, on Monday, may 4, at 20.35, make a garden, Tom Dice, and Kato Callebaut, The Starlings are getting ready for a night full of musical gifts. It seemed to be destined to Tom was introduced to the guitar, Kato and her ukulele. By 2018, struck the spark, and together, the two singer-songwriters in their passion for the music and for each other. They were surprised that the other artists in the spotlight in recent weeks, time and again, and Flanders, and call them by the revelation of the season. At the choice is no shortage, this time because, in addition to the songs of The Starlings, there is also a selection from the solo repertoire of the Tom of Kato.

The Starlings spent in 2019, the first single, Mine, off. “That’s our baby, so it means a lot to us, even if we want to be your stress-free issue”, the laugh, Tom, Kato, when Andre, his saving presence. And just like that, the heart of the not yet been sufficiently made to rise, but he himself was still the icing on the cake, “never in my life have I had such a low singing as if I’m going to do it, so I’m very, very nervous,” says Andre. The low notes of the others appeal?

Gene Thomas is taking a hit from His career, to the account: Me and My Guitar. This number is represented as Tom, Belgium at the Eurovision song contest in 2010, and he finished in sixth place. Although it is Beyond his cover-Me and my Guitar, previously released on the world, and it is in this time especially looking forward to the reaction from the two lovebirds at the time of this release.

In 2011, Tom, for the track Il Nous Faut, together with the French singer Elisa Tovati. The single became a mega-hit, number 1 in Flanders and also in France ended up in the top 5. Region covers such a hit, and gets this golden duo of Jake and Reese & O once again at the top. The two of these times, not only for their talent, but also the best of the French touch. Peter’s Mum’s Jacket is certainly a fan: “no, I’m not a dancer, but I’d have to a move with chris to be able to do it!”