Waes in a state of shock after a visit to the store

Waes in a state of shock after a visit to the store

Tom Waes, it was far from a celebratory 1st of may. He had to roll up our sleeves and, with the end of the shower was clogged. Sigh, Sunday and national holiday…. what is the opening hours? So familiar, doesn’t it? Happy lives Tom Waes in the centre of Antwerp and it will always be a department store, to find that the doors on a public holiday, and open it. Tom was there, could not believe his eyes: it was a surprise. “It struck me immediately how many people there are in that grocery store was. There was no way to get to the “social distancing ” to do” notes for the presenter to be on Facebook.

Tom gets it about a day after the fact, it still is not what he has seen. “In the groenteafdeling, I saw people come up with a mask and wore out) peaches select peaches now peaches illustration, peaches, view, and once more return. Bruised, infected, tainted …. Which specific people were the two of you … best day of my life at the grocery store. Why is that a supermarket at the entrance, people do not face ??? That was 9 weeks long, and the line is not it ? What have these people still not understand ? Well, the citroenenkiezers as the owners of the large supermarkets !!!”, he writes down.

“No, I’m not a difficult person. It doesn’t. However, if we are 9 weeks and still don’t know how we should conduct ourselves, and the big supermarket chains, there is still not the same pipo you through a foolproof system is not able to keep up with their paws on the fresh vegetables, because they are different, the lemon is better then 30 cm away from someone, see if there is a nice post card to the cashier to buy it is, I think, is that we are not really ready to relax . WTF?”, go to Tom Waes continue. As is recognizable to those who in the past few months, a store has been. In order to avoid this, more and more people to go to your local dealer to take the corner but it is on a public holiday, which, of course, be closed, and Waes to a problem with the bleed problems.

His visit to the store will be Waes will not soon be forgotten, it was even more of a hurry, difficult to understand issues in and around the facility. “At the entrance to your car park, I was in a not well off it, will I receive a paper ticket in my hand that it ripped off the back and I just want to give you my germs to the next one … what’s the point ??? Do you have the sole responsibility for EACH and every system to consider ? You do not have to have someone at the entrance that the COUPLES who have come to choose to take ? Isn’t that your job ?”, ask the Waas out loud.