The second edition of The Campus Cup is almost

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As of Monday the 18th of may, presenter and examiner: Otto-Jan Ham, corona-proof, and the social distance-wise on the search for the successor of the degree in law from the university of Ghent. The team that won the previous year for the first time on The Campus of the Cup. Especially for the new edition of the studentenquiz out of a total of 136 students after the weeks of the semi-lock back to ‘their side’. For six weeks, and four days a week, they are fighting in, 34 in addition, the Flemish Universities and higher education Colleges, to the coveted Campus Cup. Each team consists of four students from the same course.

After 24 episodes and a total of 1.027 questions will be: Otto-Jan Ham in the final on the 25th of June, with the highest distinction and congratulations of the jury, the Campus Cup, handing it over to the team, and that’s their right, and the biggest names a field of study, from the netherlands, may be called. They will take on the challenge of a year-long back to the university or college of higher education.

Of course, this is not an ordinary issue of The Campus Cup. High-fives, and groepsknuffels will be “virtual” and a kiss from the presenter, rather it is symbolic. The Campus Cup is in the studio and recorded it. But there will be strict safety measures are used.

The Campus Cup, starting on Monday 18 may, Monday to Thursday, at around 22.10, you. on the Canvas, and the

This is the second edition of The Campus Cup is taking place in accordance with the pattern of the previous academic year’. In the first 17 episodes will be competing two teams, four rounds is a long time for a place in the dagfinale. In that game, the time. The eight teams with the fastest time will advance to the quarter-finals.

The first round is the declining birth rate
In the first round, both teams will have a multiple choice quiz from the wonderful universe in their various courses of study. Students have access also to the education of Mathematics. Students of Drama will find themselves in the field of training, Eye-care, and Bio-Engineers-to-be are not only questions of their own education, but also in the Royal Military academy,…

A second round of Block
In the second round, there will be blocked. Each team sends a student down in an isolated blokkot in a hurry for a new course of blocks… The other team members on the quizzes in the meantime to further, and not only for points but also for the block-outs can be distributed. Block-outs are used for the rw of the counterparty, to be clear.

Third round: Oral interview
The blockers have to be exactly the one quizronde a long time, got to get ready to go. In the presence of the trainer or the instructor of the course submits to Otto-Jan Ham of the student to an Oral Examination.

The Campus Cup, hosted 24 faculty and teaching staff from very different walks of life willing to give a mini course to be set up and the students have not previously treated the matter in question. This is a small selection of the courses on offer this year:

• 3D bioprinten (Elizabeth Geris – KU Leuven, belgium)

• * * The Japanese Written Systems (Andreas Niehaus – University Of Ghent (UGent)

• Provide ballistic helmets (Frederik Coghe It. Military Academy)

• Asteroseismologie (Conny Aerts – KU Leuven, belgium)