Lego-Masters: 10-digit number for you to become dizzy

84657fe2778964b6c0035e414cb18595 - Lego-Masters: 10-digit number for you to become dizzy

Not only do the people in their homes – both big and small, to flock to the thuisopdrachten of the LEGO MASTERS and, also, some other numbers have been impressive, to name a few. For a nice overview.:

1. The participants felt during the recording sessions (which is already a behind-the-back) the cubes in all colors, shapes, and sizes, the brick-shop at the design studio, there were 2.5 million blocks, waiting to be used!
2. In total, there are at this series of LEGO MASTERS of 121 hours to build.
3. On average, the participants for 14.9 hours per episode.
4. The shortest job took 10 minutes, and the longest is 28 (!) am.
5. The range has a 25 day shoot.
6. The days were an average of 10 to 12 hours, including all breaks.
7. Average of 1800, the-LEGO-blocks, each building is used.
8. 1300 people have signed up to participate, out of which 8 students that the final selection concert.
9. In the meantime it sent already 15.600 fans on Instagram under the #wijzijnLEGOmasters a photo or video of their construction and after the home challenge Kürt Rogiers told that after each delivery.
10. The LEGO MASTERS and takes, on average, 852.784 viewers, accounting for a market share of 37.2% (VVA 18-54; live +7). For the younger audience to VVA 18-44) scores in the program, even 46,6%.