Jean-Marie Pfaff and we are on mosselfestijn

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The most well-known of grandparents, and grandchildren of the country in the League, we are, of course, to the family of Our. Jean-Marie and Carmen for their children and grandchildren will since been for six weeks and haven’t seen it, but that doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable to go to the Pfaffs. To everything there is a solution, Skype is a useful tool for the close-knit relationship with the rest of the family. “It is, of course, is not so pleasant, but life goes on, and the health of everyone is the priority, of course”, replied Jean-Marie, Saturday morning show on Radio 2. Kim Debrie, and Ruben Van Gucht, called, with, Carmen, and Jean-Marie Pfaff. Carmen made the revelation on the day she and Jean-Marie have been a couple of times at a hotel in your own home anyway. Sometimes, to move it from room to room in the house, and that makes them feel like they have a little bit of a vacation.

Jean-Marie is doing the grocery shopping, but they do have a little trick. “I’m heading to the store, and want to give you my shopping list now and be ready,” laughs Jean-Marie. “This afternoon, I’m going to be 16 pounds of mussels, and then I will go to the portions of the children at the gate or the door, and then eat, that’s going to be all seashells. Carmen, the fruit is already cut, and even the sauce is already made. They just have to get everything in the pot, insert, and prepare the” beams one happy grandpa.