Frans Duijts is showing its big heart

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The past few weeks, a lot of Flemish artists, working in the garden or in a nursing home, entirely free of charge were to occur. In a noble initiative, which, according to the letter of the law was, and still is. In the Netherlands there are’n ‘ gigs, since last week, are prohibited.

The Dutch singer Frans Duijts received in the meantime are so many questions to come, but he did not want to sit down. “I think it’s important, of course, is that I’m in a position to give, and to be in contact with them as you can be,” wrote the singer on Facebook. But the French have a solution, where a great deal of respect for them. From the 12th of may, he was about five weeks along and every week a free gig to give away. That act, he will, however, only do this if the coronacrisis over and again, trouble-free polonaises can be formed. “All of the people who are now deploying to the care home, grocery store employees, mail deliverers, garbage men, and women, and so on and so on) will have the chance to be an action-to-win”, is French, on the Facebook further.